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Canadian atheists advocates for the freedoms, rights, and equality of atheists in Canada and internationally, and we promote atheism as it is a normal aspect of life in Canada (culturally and constitutionally) and throughout the world.  [...follow this link to continue reading...]

What is atheism?

[2019-Dec-01 event: A night of Blasphemy - Hysterical Damnation (atheist comedy)] The word "atheism" represents an all-encompassing and tremendously diverse classification-demographic of individuals who share one specific trait -- the absence of belief in any deities (gods and goddesses).  All other traits ...  [...follow this link to continue reading...]

Events, Bulletins, and Announcements

2021-Feb-22:  Statutory tax exemptions for religious institutions (report)

2020-Jul-20:  International Association of Atheists partnership

2020-Jun-18:  Alberta's Critical Infrastructure Defence Act (Bill 1)

2020-Jan-23:  Worldie All-In-One Social Media Network affiliation

2019-Dec-01:  A night of Blasphemy - Hysterical Damnation (atheist comedy; Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Blood Donation Campaign with Canadian Blood Services  [...follow this link to read more...]

Atheist Alliance International affiliation is officially confirmed for Canadian atheists.  [...follow this link to read more...]

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